As a graphic designer in the performing arts, I've worked on many cabaret and off-Broadway shows, and for many prestigious theatres and production companies in the United States. My advertising placement has been in every production house and agency in New York. Experience with editing, design, color and typography, has been applied to many award-winning publications. I combine a passion for design, usability, and innovation with a drive to develop products that enrich peoples' lives. I've created websites and graphics for individuals, universities, and small businesses. I use good old HTML, CSS, and PHP, with QUARK and Photoshop.

GC Desktop Publishing is a graphic design company, specializing in both print and web design now located in Baltimore, MD. I offer all individuals a variety of design services varying from personalized printing to corporate imaging.

When you need a design company, it is important to choose one that fits your style and needs. At GCDTP, my objective is to be the right company for all your needs, big or small. I always keep abreast of new design methods and continuously implement the latest technology to bring my clients the best service at the best prices, guaranteed.  GCDTP is dedicated to providing my customers with high-quality services, and my commitment to customer satisfaction is a testament to this.

For all your design needs, think of GCDTP first. Let me show you the GCDTP difference.

Phone: 410-484-5530, email: glencharlow@gmail.com